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Have fun in Hollywood

At the end of the nineteen century, Hollywood was a small town located next to Los Angeles. However, as intelligent escorts will inform you, at the beginning of the twentieth century both cities were merged inside the same municipality. Since then, the most successful producers of cinema of the USA decided to congregate there. Discover all the excitement and enjoyment this city is reserving for you.

A vibrant city that invites you to enjoy unbeatable adventures

If you are willing to explore the most eye-catching attractions of this wonderful metropolis, then you should start your adventure by visiting the Walk of Fame. Once you get there accompanied by your dazzling escort from EROS, you will not be able to avoid looking at the floor. This avenue is internationally known for being the place where the big stars of cinema leave their mark.

This tradition can be traced back to 1958 when Weismuller was commissioned to remodel the city. The story says that he was inspired to create the Walk of Fame when the actress Constance Talmadge accidentally stepped on a newly cemented area leaving her footprint there.

Since then more than two thousand stars have left their indelible mark. Exquisite escorts from will explain you that in 1994 the avenue had to be expanded because it was already filled with stars in all its extension. Each artist decides what meaning they want to attribute to their acknowledgement.

Every May 31, the Walk of Fame Committee decides which artist will be accredited with the privilege. The celebrities that receive a star must attend for five years to the awards ceremony.

Another wonderful place that you and your stunning escorts should visit is the Hollywood History Museum. There you will find an interesting collection of objects which have been used during the filming of many movies which include garments, jewelry and decorative items.

Explore the birthplace of many successful film productions

Universal Studios is one of the most amusing spots that are worth to visit in this wonderful town. As clever escorts will inform you, these studios have dedicated half of their facilities to film production and the other half to an entertainment park. There you will be able to visit the different scenarios of the most famous Hollywood movies.

If you love the adrenaline, then visit the different attractions which recreate some of the most thrilling scenes of the greatest Hollywood movies.

You can take your delightful escort to appreciate one of the most exquisite architectonic jewels of this wonderful town, which is known as the Chinese Theater Grauman. This magnificent edification has the shape of a large red pagoda and was built in 1927. It is considered by many as the father of the first legends of the cinema.

Undoubtedly, what will really attract your attention is a guided bus tour which will take you through the most iconic spots in town. You will be able to appreciate the magnificent mansions of the most famous Hollywood stars.

Taste the most delicious culinary specialties at the best restaurants in town accompanied by your delicious escort. At the end of the day experience the most intense intimate encounter with this gorgeous lady at one of the most comfortable luxury rooms of the Renaissance Hotel.

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